According to the 2017 Gender Statistics on Labor and Employment (GSLE) report released by Philippine Statistics Authority, these are the average working hours per week of male and female employees in major industries in the Philippines.

NOTE: Average hours worked is the ratio of the total hours worked of employed persons at work to total employed persons at work per major industry group and survey round. — Mark T. Amoguis of BusinessWorld Research

In which industries do employees work the longest hours per week? by BusinessWorld

Pinoy job and work hours

As seen in the infographic the top 2 Pinoy job which has the most number of work hours for men are “Administrative and Support Services” and “Information and Communication.”  These jobs include call center and for the BPO industry which requires a minimum of an 8-hour a day work for a total of 40 hours plus overtime.  Most call centers and BPO generally allow their employees to have OT since these works are sometimes complex and need more attention.

When it comes to Pinoy job and work hours for women, “Wholesale and Retail Trade” and  “Repair of Vehicles” are the top jobs.  The most common example of jobs in this category is those that are working on malls and supermarkets.  These employees have an average daily work of about 12 hours for a total of 60-72 hours per week, although such long hours does not appear in the infographic. It also seems to suggest that more women are engaged in the repair of vehicles than men, an increasing trend of women mechanics.

The infographic also confirms that the average work hours of Filipinos are in the 40-hour per week range which is 5 times a week and 8 hours a day.  This work trend is only broken for jobs such as those working in real estate, education, public administration and defense, social security, agriculture, hunting, forestry, and fishing,

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