Millennial’s in the Work Place

The infographic from CEDR HR in Tucson, Arizona depicts statistics about the millennial population in the workforce today. With facts about the diversity of the population, what they value and how to attract them to companies. The infographic gives managers a better idea on how to appeal to the millennial demographic using their goals are and what is important to them. The colorful graphic includes detailed graphs and visual elements to helpfully represent the information.

Millennials in the Work PlaceSource: Visually.

Are you a Millenial-Ready Company?

Since Millenials composes most of the workforce today the main question would be are you ready for them?  Based on the above infographic seems like they are very different from the workforce of the previous generations.  Some values like a full 8-hour office work is not as appealing as before since they seem to prepare an independent work-at-home attitude.

This time as well companies should also find time to do their corporate social responsibility realistically and effectively.  More and more people care about doing something worthwhile and sustainable for the community.

Are you a millennial?  Do you agree with this infographic?  Tell us what you think.