7 Reasons to Work in a BPO

Are you looking for a job?  Do you find it hard to land a job in the current Philippine job market?  Do you know that there are tons of job openings in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector?  If you want to consider working for such a company, read our 10 Reasons to Work in a BPO.

What is a BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves contracting the operations and responsibilities for a particular business process to a third-party service provider.  As a Business Process Outsourcing partner, most of the job provides customer experiences and back-office operations for clients.

TCLS Mortgage Processing Center of America, Inc. is one example of a BPO company.  As a company, we help our client reach unlimited heights through people like you.  Added to this are innovative technology and operational excellence.  TCLS is the fuel that helps power, support and guide our clients’ success.

1. Learn About Corporate Culture

Joining a BPO company like TCLS helps you learn the corporate culture right after moving out of college.  BPO companies like us have minimal experience requirements since we believe that training can take care of that.  We value an individuals capacity to learn and be capable to do a job.

2. Salary

Most BPO companies offer higher salary compared to the minimum wage pay.  Salary scales are better than many other industries like hospital, airlines, and retail.  You can get into a BPO company with the basic qualification and even graduation in any stream.  Usual starting salary ranges from Php15,000 to as high as Php30,000.

3. Avoid the Metro Traffic

Since most BPOs works on a night shift, you can avoid the usual horrors of daytime work most especially traffic.  Roads and highways are better to travel at night plus there are less toxic emissions. You can rest better and travel faster.

4. Build a Strong Career

BPO is also a good option for people who likes to build a strong career.  You can earn and learn at the same time.  The technology and skill sets provided by the work varies which makes you learn lots of new things and exposure to different people.  Unlike any other job, most BPOs recognize individual talents and are appreciated well.

5.  Learn

You can actually imbibe a lot of knowledge depending on the industry you are working for, i.e insurance, finance, accounting, telecom, auto, computer hardware etc. The companies also provide international certifications for the industry trained in.

6. Additional Benefits

We have already discussed that salaries in most BPOs are very competitive but aside from that they also offer you tons of benefits.  This is one of the reasons why BPO job opportunities are very attractive to job seekers. You can receive generous benefits like health insurance, life insurance, company stock shares, free meals, performance-based bonus, and an annual salary increase are also given on top of your basic pay.

7.  Less Stressful

Remember that we are talking about back-office here and not call centers.  In that case BPOs like TCLS are a bit less stressful even compared to the usual jobs available.  You do not need to dress in everyday corporate or formal attire.  You will do the job that is assigned to you and if you perform well then you are appreciated and rewarded.

In the end, getting the best experience from a BPO company will still be based on your own personal experience.  No job is easy but if you want something that is rewarding and high paying then consider a BPO company.  You can check out our job openings and apply here at TCLS.