6 Tips for a COVID-19 Safe Holiday Season

COVID-19 is still very active in our community and if you will not be cautious you might end up sick.  It is not fear-mongering or paranoid to be health-conscious and to be aware of what to do to be safe.  Here are some tips to be COVID-free during the holidays.

Avoid the Malls

We all want to go malling and spend some time with our family at the mall.  The truth however is that malls are a very dangerous place to be nowadays.  In cases where you can’t avoid it, remember not to go there during peak hours.  Wear necessary health precautions like a face mask and face shield and practice social distancing.

Do not be over paranoid about shopping too.  Remember that there is no credible scientific proof that money and clothing can transmit COVID-19.  The primary transmission are still droplets from fellow human beings.

Postpone Family Gatherings

If you are planning for a family reunion or gathering, then it is best to postpone it for now, physically at least.  You can still do family gathering and reunion online. There are tons of available apps and software for you depending on your internet speed.  Some of the software that features reliable video calling are Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, and Zoom.  You can also try Messenger Rooms.

Send Gifts via Courier or Online Channels

If you want to send gifts to your family, friends, or relatives the best way is to send them via couriers like LBC, J&T Express, Lalamove and the likes.  If you want to send money as a gift then you can try your bank’s online transaction or other online apps like Paymaya or GCash.  Through this you will keep not only yourself safe but also that of your relatives, friends, and love ones.

Shop Early for Noche Buena and the New Year

If you plan to make a personal celebration at home for Christmas and New Year, then the best way is to shop early.  December 23-25 and December 30-31 are usually busy days for shopping.  People tend to shop nearer the occasion dates, so it is best to avoid them.  Remember that the more people there are the greater risk you are from getting COVID-19.

Have Fun at Home

Remember that you can make home-stay fun during the holidays.  Have fun with your family and celebrate the holidays.  You can watch your favorite movies or television series together, enjoy social games, do a hobby together, and many more. Being at home should not stop you from making the holidays memorable.  Be creative and bond more with your family who stays with you.

Well, you might ask what if I am alone at home.  Although we do not recommend you inviting someone at home due to the risk you can still do that, however, be very cautious and do not invite too many.  In replacement for that, you can just video chat with your friends and relatives and have an online get-together.  These are no ordinary times.

Keep Yourself Healthy

The most important thing to remember this holiday season to be safe from COVID-19 is to keep yourself healthy.  Eat nutritious and organic food and have a well-balanced diet.  Drink more water, exercise, and keep your immune system up. Avoid too much stress and get enough sleep.  Being sick is really not an option nowadays because even if we don’t have COVID-19 being taken to the hospital might increase your risk.

Have a COVID-19 Safe Holiday Season

We are living in a new normal and we hope to make things better despite the limitations.  You should be cautious about what you do and how you spend the holidays but it does not mean it should not be meaningful and fun.  In the end, Christmas and New Year are being celebrated because of what it brings.  Christmas is a message of love and giving while the New Year brings new hope for all of us in the coming year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at TCLS Mortgage Processing Center of America, Inc.