Many employers fear LinkedIn and prohibit the access of it from their employees.  They say that if you are accessing this social media, you might be looking for the next job opportunity or someone will eventually pirate you from them.  The truth is that LinkedIn is not just a job portal because it is a professional social media portal.  Let us teach you how LinkedIn can boost your professional career.

Connect with People

Connecting with people you know is the basic functionality of LinkedIn.  Through this, you can exchange ideas and eventually contact them in case you need something related to your work.  The best way to talk professionally happens on this social media and no other.  You can be sure that the person you are talking to is more credible and truthful on LinkedIn.

Through connecting with people on LinkedIn you might also stumble upon things that your work needs and even what your supervisor or boss needs.  A professional business exchange is the forte of this social media so do not miss out on it.

Build Your Skills and Knowledge

Follow people that you know and read their articles and posts.  Famous individuals like Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group; the famous motivational speaker, Francis Kong; or even John Maxwell are on LinkedIn.  By following them you can learn a lot from their experiences and apply them to your career.  There are dozens of individuals who are successful in business and in life who shares their thoughts and experience for free.

Connect with Potential Clients

If you are running a business or your work involves reaching out to potential clients then this is the ideal social media.  You can directly reach out to top management of companies and they would listen to you.  Build yourself and your brand on LinkedIn and you can assure yourself that once people contact you and interact with you, it means good business.

This is one of the greatest opportunity on LinkedIn that most businesses forget.  This social media is a goldmine of opportunity for your business, unlike Facebook and Twitter which might just serve as a personal social media.

In Conclusion

  • If you are an individual and have not yet signed up for LinkedIn well you better signup now.  Build your profile and connect with people.
  • If you’re already on LinkedIn, then improve your profile, connect with more people and maximize your use of the social media.
  • If you are a business who blocks the social media for fear of employee piracy then you should better think again.  You are losing the goldmine in LinkedIn.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to follow TCLS Mortgage Processing Center of America, Inc. on LinkedIn.