How do you earn extra money this 2019?  We know that the prices of good and services had all gone up due to the new TRAIN law and you want to augment your income.  Here are “6 Ways to Earn Extra Money this 2019.”

6 Ways to Earn Extra Money this 2019

Online Sales or Garage Sales

Do you have items that you no longer need?  If you do then why not sell them online or conduct your own garage sale.  Items which are just sitting there waiting to rot in itself is practically a waste of valuable money.

Rent Your Items

If you have things which you think could be rented out then why not do so.  This is especially practical for things like console games, costumes, books, and the likes.  Just make sure that there is a security deposit just in case they lost the item.  If you are unsure, then you can just rent the items to your friends and close acquaintances.


If you are running short on money or need extra cash then visit your nearest pawn shop.  Actually Cebuana Lhuillier, M Lhuiller, Palawan Pawnshop and other can offer you extra cash.  They even offer short term loans in case you do not have any item to pawn.

Online Loan

You can also try online loan applications like Tala, Cashalo, and Robocash.  They offer readily available cash deposited directly through your bank account or by pick up.  Before getting the loan however be sure to check out the amount of interest that they will charge.  There are online loan apps which charge as high as 100% and even more for interest.


If is not against your work contract and you can still do it without affecting your work then try freelancing.  You can do some work related to your field or something else which is totally new.  Try to be a staff at an event, or a host or something you think you are relatively good at.


Be a Livestreamer

There are tons of Livestream sites and applications that now offer you a chance to earn money.  Facebook Gaming, for example, allows you to accept donations from people.  Another one is Twitch which upon being recognized as an affiliate, viewers can subscribe to your stream or donate money to you.  Other streaming apps allow you to run ads while you are streaming in exchange for cash paid to you per ad click.

There are tons of other ways by which you can earn extra money.  If you know a way then don’t forget to share it with us by commenting in this post.

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Reference: Credit Counsellors Australia 

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