5 Ways on How to Avoid Burnout When Working From Home

Most professionals are now working from home amidst the pandemic.  This sudden change of work setup also creates a change in how we might see work as a single endless sprint.  When this happens, it creates beak-less days which can make us exhausted, bored, or even confused. What is the best solution to this?  How can we thrive during this remote work marathon of a moment? Let us share with you “5 Ways on How to Avoid Burnout When Working From Home.”

Build Several Breaks Throughout the Day

According to time management coach Elizabeth Grace Saunders, we need to build in several breaks throughout the day.  She suggested five key moments: Pre-work, pre-lunch, lunch, post-lunch, and, finally, post-work. The key here is to press pause and give ourselves the mental nourishment needed to power through the day.

Have Time For Yourself

Remember that although you are working from home, it does not mean that you have to work the whole day.  Dedicate a time for yourself which includes self-nourishment. Walk, stretch, read, play games, or have a solo dance party. Remember that having time for ourselves can boost our mood and replenish the fatigue that we are feeling from the seemingly work and personal life integration.

Ensure Time for Your Family

If you are with your family then ensure that you have time for them.  Most of the time working from home will make us forget that we need time off from all of the work and spend quality time with our family.  Make them feel that they are loved and that the home is not invaded by work all the time. Cook for them, read with your kids, play games, cuddle with your partner, and more.  Remember family should not be work, it should be your real family.

Are You on the Remote Call?

If you are into remote calls then it is advised that you take a 15-minute break every 45 minutes or to keep your calls between 15 to 30 minutes.  Make them always interactive. Prepare the subject and make clear what you expect from each other on the call. People get exhausted especially if both vídeo and audio are poor! And: Level up your equipment. Last week I was on a 90 min All hands call and only two out of 10 attendees and speakers used a headphone. Not a good audio experience.

Be Fit and Healthy

Remember to always keep yourself fit and healthy.  COVID-19 is a very treacherous virus and without a vaccine, it might attack you at the least unexpected time.  Exercise, do some stretching and eat a well-balanced diet. Working from home can contribute to more stress and even obesity if we do not manage ourselves and what we intake.

Remember that working from home should be well integrated into your life and schedule.  You should not confuse it as a 24/7 job, because even owners and managers of companies realize that.  Do you have ideas on how to avoid burnout while working from home?  If you do share them in the comments section below.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!