State of Digital in the Philippines 2019

What is the state of the Philippines when it comes to digital technology and the internet in 2019?  Here is all the data and trends you need to understand the internet, social media, mobile and e-commerce behavior in the Philippines for 2019. The study is part of a global report released by Hootsuite.

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Globally there are 4.388 Billion active internet users, 57% of the global population.  When it comes to mobile internet users, the population is 3.986 Billion.  In the Philippines, the internet penetration as of 2018 is 71% of its total population of 107.3 million – 32nd overall.  Our country is above the world average internet penetration which is only at 57%.  Highest internet penetration is Andorra with 99% and the lowest is North Korea at 0.08%.

The Philippines is among the country with the largest absolute growth of internet users – 9,000,000 new users.  This is an increase of 13%.  If there is one that the country is at number one, that would be the average time spend on the internet.  Filipinos spend an average of 10.02 hours per day online.  Meanwhile, the country is 2nd to Thailand at 4:58 hours per day, when it comes to average time spent using mobile internet

State of Social Media in the Philippines in 2019

There are 76 million (71% of total population) active social media users in the Philippines. Facebook is still the most active social media is Facebook with about 97% use.  This is closely followed by YouTube with about 96% preference.  Among the other actively used social media in the Philippines are:

  1. Facebook – 97%
  2. Youtube – 96%
  3. FB Messenger – 89(
  4. Instagram – 64%
  5. Twitter – 54%
  6. Skype – 44%
  7. LinkedIn – 36%
  8. Viber – 34%
  9. Pinterest – 33%
  10. Snapchat – 28%
  11. WhatsApp – 27%
  12. Reddit – 24%
  13. WeChat – 23%
  14. Tumblr – 21%
  15. Twitch – 19%
  16. LIne – 18%

The most active social media users in the Philippines are those age 18-24 years old followed by those 25-34 years old.

Use of the Internet in the Philippines

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There are 76 million active internet users in the Philippines, with which 71.44 million are active mobile internet users. According to the report, the average connection speed in the country is around 15.05Mbps for mobile connection and 19.03Mbps for fixed connections.  This seems to be a very good change of phase during the previous years but still is way behind the global average.

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Hootsuite Global Report finds out that 99% of Filipinos internet users love to watch videos online, followed by those who stream TV content via the internet at 56%.  Other activities are as follows:

  • Watch live streams of others playing games – 42%
  • Play games streamed live via the internet – 32%
  • Watch E-Sports tournaments – 23%

For a full peek at the report, you can view the presentation below from Hootsuite.