The Philippines is now the world’s number one internet user according to the latest Digital 2019 report released by Hootsuite and its partner, We Are Social.  The average time of Filipinos online rose from 9 hours and 29 minutes last year to 10 hours and 2 minutes in 2019.

Digital 2019 is a 200-page annual report which shows the worldwide status of the internet including usage, the popularity of a website and social media platforms. “This inched them past Thailand to become the country that spends the most amount of time online,” the Digital 2019 report said.

Global average remains at 2 hours and 16 minutes which is very far from the Philippine average.  With such strong Internet usage, it said businesses in the Philippines cannot afford to miss the opportunity that digital and social represent, with 70 percent of Internet users in the country spending money on eCom­merce platforms.

Furthermore, the report said mo­bile Internet proved to be a popular method of accessing the Internet in the Philippines where users spend 4 hours and 58 minutes on the mobile Internet – the second-highest globally behind Thailand.

Advice for Philippine Businesses

Since the time spent on the internet is increasing it is also very important that businesses cash in on the internet.  Online platforms like Lazada and Shopee continue to grow as more and more people are using their online convenience.  Online transactions are also on the rise.

Brands need to adapt to this online popularity and should develop a strong online presence and posture.  Advertising online whether through paid or organic reach is still something worth considering. On the worldwide scale, the report said Facebook retains its position as the most popular social media network worldwide, where brands can reach 2.121 billion people with Facebook ads.

TCLS, for example, connects to our clients online and we spend a minimum of 8-12 hours a day coordinating with our clients.  Our advertising and digital marketing support is also fully utilizing online and social media platforms in order to promote and help the brands that our company serves.

You can view the full Digital 2019 Report at this link.